In a moment where the world is overwhelmed with information and technology grows far beyond imagination, the companies that wish to excel must put their emphasis in its human capital in this highly competitive environment having credible leaders with the vision and skills to design winning strategies and motivate others.

The intellectual assets of the companies constantly contribute to the quality of the products, to the good relationships with clients and possibilities to gain market share in their specific industry.

An efficient recruitment process is the key to successfully increase competitiveness of the companies. The recruitment of the best suited personnel for a position has to take into account the human being as a whole as well as the organization in which he will become a part of, so that both can assume a mutual commitment to success.

Our clients range across industries, from the world's largest companies to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

H & F Consultores Asociados is aware that to provide this service successfully is a matter of comprehensive understanding of our clients needs and the markets trends . The custom-tailored recruiting methods used allows us to satisfy the technical demands as well as the ability to develop good interpersonal relationships that will assure the desired performance in any position.

Alicia Hosch


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