Layoffs are hard for everyone. They are hard for the employer and the employee, but they can be made much easier with outplacement services. The service benefits the companies and employees that are experiencing layoffs. With the services offered, employees can make the transition much more smoothly

Our outplacement services philosophy is based on the belief that we can best serve a displaced employee by truly understanding their unique situation. To accomplish this, we provide each displaced employee with the personalized one-on-one attention and support they need. .

Rather than providing group seminars where the displaced employee is expected to learn how to create their own job search tools, we take the pressure off the displaced employee by taking responsibility for creating the job search tools they need to conduct an effective job search.

  Evaluaciones psicotécnicas
  Reorientación Laboral
La Empresa Cliente podrá optar por alguna de las dos opciones de evaluaciones psicotécnicas ofrecidas...
El propósito de este servicio es brindarle a la empresa herramientas que posibilitan una desvinculación...
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