Recruitment Process

Profile of the Company:

In the first place, we take into account all pertinent information about the institutional philosophy, organizational policies and specific market where the company develops its business.

Profile of the Vacant Position:

All details of the functions and know-how needed will be obtained in this stage, such as:

  • Responsibilities
  • Place in the company’s structure
  • Functional relations
  • Specific knowledge required
  • Educational level
  • Abilities and capacities necessary for the job
  • Salary and benefits

Recruiting Report

After a period of 2 to 4 weeks , a report with the conclusions of the recruitment process of the best three (3) suited candidates for the position will be forwarded to the company with our comments and a report of a psychological evaluation (if requested).


Through our close contact with qualified executives and professionals, added to our knowledge of the industries in which they are insert, gives us tools to identify who excels in any given field. We offer a blend of very high ethical and professional standards, excellent headhunters, huge database of top industry professionals, state of the art infrastructure and facilities and in-depth Industry and domain knowledge, making this contact tool very useful and successful.

  Evaluaciones psicotécnicas
  Reorientación Laboral
La Empresa Cliente podrá optar por alguna de las dos opciones de evaluaciones psicotécnicas ofrecidas...
El propósito de este servicio es brindarle a la empresa herramientas que posibilitan una desvinculación...
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